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KöstebekInfo is a new-generation vehicle and personal tracking system.

KöstebekInfo was designed for owners of any vehicle (cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, construction machinery, yachts, etc). It provides flexible, smart and low-cost tracking especially for the individuals and small-scale fleet owners.

The system has two main components: Tracking software and KöstebekInfo device. The device stays mounted in the vehicle to be tracked. The tracking software is an ANDROID application for smart phones and is free of charge.

KöstebekInfo continuosly analyzes GPS data (positio, date/time, speed and direction), acceleration data (speed-up/slow-down, crash) and car battery level. It informs the user by SMS which is handled by the tracking software.

What differentiates KöstebekInfo mainly from the other tracking systems is its use of SMS.

With that,

  * No need to use Internet plan for the KöstebekInfo device

  * No contract, no subscription

  * No need to use PC in order to get alarms and reports about your vehicle

  * You do not have to monitor your vehicle all the time; you are notified whenever an important data arrives at your mobile phone

  * Tracking cost is minimized by using low cost SMS plans

  * Volume of the communication with your vehicle is totally under your control

  * You can transfer to another GSM provider whenever you wish

  * It is possible to have a voice call from the device in case of a serious accident

  * It is possible to do remote listening

  * As there is neither central computers nor databases in KöstebekInfo, your data are not recorded anywhere, they are sent directly and only to you, so your personal privacy is always secure.


No. The SMS messages for KöstebekInfo (both sending and receiving) are fulfilled by the ANDROID application. You only choose the operation that you desire from the menu of the application and you observe you vehicle's location and other data, when you wish.  

Yes. KöstebekInfo ANDROID application supports multiple vehicles.

* Alarms for towing, impact, crash, and vehicle battery interruption

* Alarms for proximity to determined locations and departure from regions

* Alarm for bad driving

* Alarms for KöstebekInfo device manipulation

* Display of location of the vehicle on map

* Ignition status (on/off)

* Speed

* Latest on and off times

* Battery voltage

* Trip information

    Start/end locations and times

    Traveled distance

    Speed and period distribution

    Alarms (20 different alarms)

    Driver rating

    Detailed information for the last 10 trips

* Stop information

    Stop location on the map

    Stop time

    Total stop period

    Detailed information for the last 10 stops

* Daily, weekly and monthly reports

* Crash report

    Crash location on the map

    Crash time

    Latest speed prior to crash

    Crash details

         Frontalback/side impact



         Crash when parked

* Detailed route map by MMS




According to your preference, the device is mounted either beside interior mirror at the front window, or inside the dashboard.

If mounted beside the internal front mirror,

    It can be detached easily and taken along at pocket; so it is possible to track kids, older people and pets,

    Remote listening is possible (only if the device is ordered with internal microphone option),

    It can be connected to a notebook or tablet computer via its USB port, and can serve as a navigation device,

    The LED of the device is visible from outside especially at nights, and this helps keeping the thiefs away,

    When your vehicle is driven by other people, they would be aware that you track, hence they pay more attention at driving.

If mounted inside the dashboard,

    It is completely hidden, nobody could catch a sight of it,

    KöstebekInfo works like a "rat" and continues informing you silently.

About 5 minutes. The mounting consists of connecting 12V or 24V power to the device and fixing the device at the desired place inside the vehicle. This operation is so easy that any auto-electrician can accomplish.

No. The KöstebekInfo device was designed to operate properly without any need for external GSM or GPS antennas.

Yes. The device has its own rechargeable battery built-in. It can continue working for 12 hours on the average, if external power is not available. Auto-matically recharges when power cable or USB cable is plugged in.

To your mobile phone that you set up at the beginning. Besides you phone, if entered, it calls two other people in case of a crash.

First, it would be advantageous that you use the same GSM provider as your mobile phone's. The GSM plan must be enabled for voice calls, so that it can perform emergency calls. The most beneficial SMS-intended GSM plan helps keeping the tracking cost at minimum.

No. Even if somebody comes to know the GSM number of your KöstebekInfo device, he/she cannot use it without having the device password. The probability to know the device password is about 1/250.000. Moreover, if somebody else tries to query the device, KöstebekInfo informs you about this and the inquirer's phone number.

If you change your number, all you should do is to inform the KöstebekInfo device using the "Set GSM numbers" menu of the ANDROID application.

KöstebekInfo is an intelligent system which "senses" the trips itself. It presents well-analyzed, refined information, and does not use SMS unless necessary. So, detailed vehicle tracking becomes possible with a small amount of SMS messages.

When used in its Minimum Mode, it sends messages only in case of the alarms such as towing, crash, abusing, going out-of-region, and in case of queried by you through the ANDROID application. Hence, the SMS requirement in this mode is negligibly small.

In its Tracking Mode, it sends periodical messages depending on the distance and/or time. If the vehicle is parked, it does not send messages unless an alarm occurs. The frequency of the periodic messages is decided by you. It can be at every minute or every kilometer, as well as at every 120 minutes or 120 km's (all intermediate values are applicable). For instance, you can set it to send information at every 5 km's AND every 10 minutes. In this case, the vehicle must have traveled 5 km, and also a period of 10 minutes since the prior communication must be passed. As another example, you can set it to send at every 20 km's OR at every hour as well; and in this case, message is sent whenever a distance of 20 km is traveled or a period of 1 hour is passed (whichever comes first). If an alarm rises, a message is sent with no regard to these periods.

If you prefer, you can set the system to receive automatic "Trip Reports" after each trip, and hence you do not perform live tracking. If you set up "central location" and "subcenter location", KöstebekInfo can filter out the small movements around these centers if desired. For example, when you go shopping to a nearby market, it does not consider this as a trip, but the distance traveled during this is still recorded.

As a conclusion, you can get sufficiently good tracking and reports using 500 SMS monthly.

You can achive professional tracking for a commercial vehicle using 5.000 SMS monthly.

Yes, if your GSM plan is open too. When you drive abroad with a domestic SIM-card plugged in the device, it informs you about the roaming by an SMS message and switches to the Minimum Mode. Then, it sends messages only when it is queried, unless you change the mode. You can use the device abroad also by a local GSM plan, that is, changing its SIM-card with a local one.